Clueless teens guide to dating

“Just this morning I saw parents who had said to their 15-year-old, ‘We don’t think it will kill you to use occasionally,’” she says.

“But I think it was a green light, which got him in a substance abuse program and kicked out of school.” When you consider that 90 percent of teen drinking is in the context of binge drinking, Levy adds, it becomes clear that teens “have a different idea of what ‘occasional use’ means” and that “what kids are hearing with these messages is, ‘It’s OK to [use].’”Basically, Levy adds, whether they try to paint you as hypocrites or the pot police, you can simply bring it back to this: “There are some adult behaviors that we don’t want you doing.

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Adolescent Substance Abuse Program at Boston Children’s Hospital, suggests to Yahoo Beauty. Or “Why do you think someone might be tempted to try weed?For parents, talking to teens can feel like tiptoeing through a minefield.And while part of it is because adolescents can be so volatile, it’s also because teens can be easily influenced, and it’s hard to know which way parental input will push them.“There are lots of ways to answer this,” says Damour, who suggests the following options: If none of the above fit your personal experience, Damour says, and you’re worried about what your teen will do with the truth, you can be straight about that too. Don’t glamorize your own past use or employ it as a way to connect with your kids, Greenberg says, but do share any negative experiences you’ve had, such as having had paranoia or anxiety attacks.“Say, ‘I want to have an honest conversation with you, but I don’t want you to take this as permission. “Don’t make them into horror stories, though,” she suggests.

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